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The soft leather is nice to the touch and easy on the eyes. It may not be the best bag for holding a laptop but it will do a great job holding your personal technology, magazines and file folders. It has a platform base and a magnetic snap closure for the front flap. This may not be the bag for hardcore use, but it sure is beautiful. The nice thing about this bag is the fact that it has a 3.5" handle in addition to a 26" crossbody strap which makes it easy to interact with. Overall, a very sexy bag. This bag h

as all the looks of a vintage messenger bag. The styling resembles something from the World War II era and yet looks very modern and hip. It works great in both the work and school environment. If you are a trendy college student, this makes a great school messenger bag. It has a very simple yet sleek look with only a few external decorative accents. This bag features a pocket with a flap towards herve leger skirt the rear and a similar pocket towards the front that is held close by two buckles. The access to the main compartment is herve leger swimwear guarded by a zipper. The interior is lined and features multifunctional slip pockets, perfect for your personal technology and papers. It also features dual 4" handles and a 25.25" crossbody strap. Ok so herve leger swimsuit we cheated! This bag really should not be on herve leger the list since it is mostly made of nylon, but my goodness! What a beautiful bag! When facing this bag, it does appear to be a leather bag. The front flap is made of gorgeous genuine leather with a zipper pocket towards the top of

the flap. The metallic D emblem is also present. The leather and nylon blends beautifully together and the presence of the zipper closing pockets on the side really sets the bag apart while adding very useful functionality. The interior is lined with a inner zipper closed pocket towards the back. With these eyecatching great looks, this bag is perfect for any occasion. Ever herve leger swimsuit heard the term "less is more"? This bag offers testimony to the meaning of that phrase. This beautiful piece by Knomo herve leger swimwear will definitely add an edge to your look. You will exude a certain level of seriousness with this very simple black leather messenger bag. The Bungo is constructed from a mix of tantalizing black leather and durable nylon. It was obviously designed as a laptop bag as it has a designated padded slot that will hold your 15" laptop comfortably. It features numerous slots and compartments to keep your business cards, sunglasses, personal technology, papers, books, etc in order. This is definitely a beau

tiful and sleek piece of craftsmanship. Ed Hardy is well known for bringing tattoo inspired designs to the fashion world. These beautiful designs were fortunately not limited to clothing as is evidenced by this black messenger bag from Ed Hardy. Though it is made from synthetic leather, it is still a nice looking bag, worthy of a feature on this page. This bag is obviously for casual use with its bright and colorful graphic on the front flap. This flap is held close by a magnetic latch. The interior is has well separated compartments and slots of various sizes which makes it easy to organize your items, from large to small.

Verification Number

MasterCard (CVC2) and Visa (CVV2) have a 3 digit located on the back of the card.

American Express (CID) has a 4 digit code, located on the front of the card.

The issuing bank CVV2/CID authentication codes are normally submitted when 'swiping' the magnetic stripe on your credit card. Since we do not have that card present during internet transactions, the banks request us to obtain that data manually, thus allowing for automated verification of the credit card. Since the bank's introduction of these codes in 2000, this fraud prevention tool is rapidly being accepted as proof the card is present. Without these codes your order will be delayed or possibly cancelled. Thanks for your assistance in preventing credit card fraud.